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Modeling Sampling Strategies for Detecting Intentional Contamination of Imported Food Systems

Principal Investigator: 
Randall Singer
Significant quantities of fresh and frozen food are imported into the U.S. each year. In particular, fruits, vegetables and seafood are imported from countries around the world, and once these products arrive into the U.S., they are broadly distributed and either consumed directly or used as...

The Role of Information Transmission and Coordination in Supply Chain

Principal Investigator: 
Hamid Mohtadi
This is an empirical analysis of firms response to safety, security and resilience considerations in food supply chains. The concepts of safety, security and resilience are strongly intertwined and there are spillovers. Specifically, this research measures firms' preparedness as an indicative...

Models of Interdependent Security in Food Supply Chains

Principal Investigator: 
Vicki Bier
This research focused on protection from terrorism using risk analysis and game theory. In particular, game-theoretic models were developed to evaluate how investments in security by some partners in the supply chain can affect the risks and returns faced by others. Stochastic optimization models...
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