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Economics, applied economics

Statistical Risk Metrics using Extreme Value Theory

Principal Investigator: 
Hamid Mohtadi
This project consisted of three parts. First, we developed a new dataset on criminal/terrorist activities involving the use of chemical, biological or radionuclear (CBRN) agents on a global scale over the past 40 years. These include agents that would be the likely candidates to be used for any...

A Probabilistic and Cost-Based Index of Food Threats

Principal Investigator: 
Hamid Mohtadi
This project develops a data-based probabilistic algorithm for food vulnerabilities and applies those probabilities to estimate the expected costs (losses) both in the market (loss of sales) and in health care. This will enable policy makers and food companies to prioritize and rationalize the...

Continuous Tracking and Analyzing Consumer Confidence in the U.S. Food Supply Chain

Principal Investigator: 
Jean Kinsey; Dennis Degeneffe
This project involves a continuous survey of consumer attitudes, beliefs, preferences and buying intentions tracked along with media announcements about food safety and terrorist events. The resulting database and econometric models will provide a basis for understanding linkages between food...

The Economic Impact of a Catastrophic Terrorist Food System Attack

Principal Investigator: 
Thomas Stinson
The goal of this project is to use a customized food defense assessment survey to identify food vulnerability gaps (along the US-Mexico fresh produce supply chain) and collect relevant data on existing and potential practices on how such gaps can be bridged. Objectives 1 and 2 focus on risk...


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