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Environmental Health Sciences

Foodborne Disease Outbreak Response: Assessing the Legal Framework for Interagency Sharing of Information

Principal Investigator: 
Kerry Wyss
The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) and its members are uniquely positioned to investigate and identify processes for improving information sharing among state, territorial, and local health agencies and the federal government. Incorporated in 1942, ASTHO is the...

Toxin/Pathogen Inactivation and Disposal of Intentionally Contaminated Foods

Principal Investigator: 
Craig Benson
Information is currently lacking regarding methods to safely dispose of food, packaging, and related materials contaminated with a variety of pathogenic or toxic agents. One of the goals of this oneyear pilot project is to document the state of knowledge concerning microorganisms and toxins...

Conversion of the Academic CMS to a Web-Enabled Version for Academic Use

Principal Investigator: 
Susan Harlander
There is significant concern about the ability of government and industry to efficiently and effectively recognize and respond to intentional bioterrorist attacks on the food supply that could result in catastrophic economic or human health consequences. The systems employed for safeguarding the...

Modeling the Public Health System Response to a Terrorist Event

Principal Investigator: 
Don Schaffner
The objective of this project was to conduct simulation modeling of the public health system, specifically focusing on the detection of deliberate food contamination events by the public health system, and the response of that system to such events. The simulation model can be used to evaluate the...

Public Health Investigation of Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks

Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
Purpose: These CIFOR multi-jurisdictional guidelines are intended to help improve communication and coordination between agencies investigating multi-jurisdictional outbreaks at all levels of governmental organization. The guidelines are proposed to help agencies identify multijurisdictional...
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