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Genomic Testing

Fishy business: Economically motivated adulteration of fish in Minnesota retails markets

Principal Investigator: 
Nicholas Phelps
Economically motivated adulteration (EMA) or food fraud involving seafood (often called "fish fraud") is of significant and widespread concern. Numerous reports have indicated the rate of fraud, specifically for species substitution, in the United States ranges between 25-50% of products...

FASTMAN Integrated Device for Detection of Select Agents

Principal Investigator: 
Vivek Kapur
Our long-term goal is to develop assays for the sensitive, specific, and reliable detection of select agents in the food supply at the field, processing plant, distribution system, or at point-of-sale/use. Our immediate objectives have been to develop and validate accurate and convenient analytic...


Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
FoodSHIELD ( is a Web-based platform designed to facilitate communication and coordination among the various food and agricultural sector laboratories and regulatory agencies. Two comprehensive databases are being developed to support FoodShield: Food&AgDIR, which...
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