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FPDI Tools

Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)

The Food Protection and Defense Institute’s Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR) is a compilation of historical and current events involving economically motivated and intentional adulteration of foods on a global scale. Incidents which occurred more than 5 years ago are available for free. Subscribers have access to all available incidents including visualization. There are currently over 530 unique incidents and growing!

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World Factbook of Food

The World Factbook of Food is designed to serve as a central reference repository of data related to food. Organized into a series of food and country profiles, the World Factbook of Food provides users with a wide range of food and agriculture data at the food and country level. 

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Food Defense Readiness Assessment (FDRA)

The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) has developed a facility-based educational tool addressing key food defense components of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and subsequent final rules.

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CoreSHIELD is the information technology architecture underlying a suite of web-based portals and applications that together provide a gateway for communication, coordination, collaboration, education and training among the stakeholders charged with protecting and defending the nation's critical infrastructure.