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Collaboration Portals

Innovative collaboration portals to enable the secure exchange of information

Innovative Portals

Enabling the secure exchange of information for the nation's critical infrastructures

CoreSHIELD is the information technology architecture underlying a suite of web-based portals and applications that together provide a gateway for communication, coordination, collaboration, education and training among the stakeholders charged with protecting and defending the nation's critical infrastructure.


The Problem

The food and agriculture field is vast and spread across multiple agencies. FPDI saw the need for a centralized platform to unite those in the nation that needed to coordinate from different organizations, sectors, and physical locations.


The Beginning

In 2005, FoodSHIELD was initiated with a USDA CREES grant. Its initial and continuing mission is to facilitate collaboration among the federal regulatory agencies, laboratories, state and local government entities, military branches, and academics involved in protecting and defending the global food supply.



With over 10,000 active users, CoreSHIELD is now the preferred gateway for communication, collaboration, education, and training amongst the nation’s critical infrastructure stakeholders. The system continues to evolve with a new user interface and major updates released in 2014 and new features, updates, and customizations added regularly.



The Portals

Today, CoreSHIELD serves as the underlying framework for FoodSHIELD and several additional portals and applications that have been added to the FPDI portfolio of Information Sharing Environments (ISEs) since 2005. 

CoreSHIELD Portal Logos


The Features

Fundamental to CoreSHIELD is the Common Organizational Registry Environment (CORE), which provides role-based contact information and capabilities such as document management, workgroups, online meetings, e-learning, calendaring, secure-send, user authentication and single sign-on, all of which can be shared and leveraged by the portals and applications residing on CoreSHIELD.


The Details

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