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Food Fraud

Food Fraud is the intentional adulteration or misrepresentation of foods or food ingredients for economic gain. Food Fraud may also be called economically motivated adulteration (EMA). Some organizations use the terms "food fraud" and "EMA" interchangeably, while others consider EMA to be a subset of food fraud. Food fraud is an intentional act that results in a situation where the buyer of a food product has been misled in some way. Food fraud can include dilution of products like oils or juices, substitution of one product for another (such as fish species), misrepresentation of the country of origin, or the addition of an undisclosed or unapproved additive. Food fraud incidents usually do not result in illness or deaths in consumers since the goals of the perpetrator is not to get caught. However, unintended illnesses and even deaths have occurred as a result of food fraud.

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