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Food Systems

Innovative tools to analyze complex and integrated food systems

FPDI has created several software tools that allow for users to analyze and evaluate complex and integrated food systems. Our food supply chains are no longer limited to a 20-mile radius around our homes. Instead our food systems are spread across the globe and involve multiple points - farms, processing plants, trucks, warehouses, retail stores - with many points being susceptible to natural disasters or accidental and intentional contamination. FPDI focuses on creating tools that map weak points or risks in food systems that can alert industry or governments to mitigate potential issues.


CRISTAL MapCriticality Spatial Analysis | CRISTAL

CRISTAL is a user-friendly software that enables private food companies and the government to compare disparate food systems for the allocation of scarce security and risk mitigation resources. CRISTAL engages private food companies to improve understanding of their risks, and ultimately increases the safety and security of global food systems.


Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals | FIDES

FIDES provides a comprehensive, systematic process for monitoring potential food threats and identifying adverse food events. The project is assessing non-traditional data sources to determine their contribution to identifying and alerting risks in the food system, building thresholds for data sources to alert on anomalies, and is testing fusion of sources to proactively identify future threats.