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Criticality Spatial Analysis

CRISTAL Laptop ViewFood supply chains are often comprised of a complex network of farms, production or processing facilities, and storage and distribution channels.  These supply chains are vulnerable to disruption from both natural disasters and manmade events and such disruptions could lead to significant public health and economic consequences. Developed by the Food Protection and Defense Institute, CRISTAL is a geo-spatial web application that allows private food companies and the government to document, visualize, and compare supply chains in support of risk and criticality assessments, mitigation efforts, and event response.

CRISTAL engages private food companies to improve understanding of their supply chain structure and, ultimately, supply chain risks. Companies may use CRISTAL to document supply chains from end-to-end, including supply chain components owned by other entities such as suppliers or distributors. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) places an increased emphasis on supply chain documentation, product tracing, and event response. By increasing supply chain visibility, CRISTAL is one tool that supports each of these tasks. Furthermore, CRISTAL supports efforts to identify where mitigation resources are most needed during potentially catastrophic supply-chain failures.

CRISTAL Enables Privately Owned Food Companies to

Plus Document supply chain components in a user-friendly platform.
Plus Identify specific points and facilities in food systems that are at risk of failure.
Plus Proactively identify and mitigate risks to systems and facilities.
Plus Identify priorities for allocation of resources to mitigate risks to facilities and systems in advance.

Project Lead

Amy Kircher, DrPH, Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute,