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Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals

The FIDES project allows for the focused integration of data to provide a comprehensive, systematic process for monitoring potential food threats and identifying adverse food events. The project is assessing non-traditional data sources to determine their contribution to identifying and alerting risks in the food system, building thresholds for data sources to alert on anomalies, and is testing fusion of sources to proactively identify future threats.

The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) initiated this research and development of technology solutions to support data fusion, analytics, and dissemination of information within and across organizations to identify and warn of food threats, provide risk management assessments, and provide decision makers data to take necessary action to mitigate consequences.

Due to the complexity and interrelated nature of the global food system, data from a multitude of sources including trade, economics, meteorology, production, and regulations are being added. Additionally, FPDI is using its extensive network of subject matter experts and private sector partners to provide insight and analytics.

FIDES Capabilities

NCFPD Project: FIDES Capabilities

The goal of this effort is to provide a capability for governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector to rapidly identify and mitigate the impact of catastrophic or intentional contamination events. FIDES seeks to:

Improve food and agriculture stakeholder communication and establish stakeholders committed to improve information sharing to allow for risks and threats to the food system to be identified prior to human or economic consequences.

Establish an information sharing framework that allows for rapid exchange of information that supports decision-making at all levels.

Develop secure, role-based collaboration technology solutions that allow for the dissemination of information among the food and agriculture stakeholders.

Potential Threats to the Food Supply

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Examples of threats to the food supply: Import Refusals, Economically Motivated Adulteration Incidents, Natural Disasters, Terrorism Attacks

Principal Investigator

Amy Kircher, DrPH  Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute,