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FARM Toolkit

FARM Toolkit LogoFood and Agriculture Readiness Measurement Toolkit

The FARM Toolkit is a measurement tool designed to enable food-sector stakeholders to improve their Mission Areas and Core Capabilities in the event of a food emergency. Based on Presidential Policy Directive 8 and NASDA’s Food Emergency Response Plan, FARM Toolkit aims to strengthen food emergency preparedness.

The FARM Toolkit enables participants to periodically compare progress from the foundational levels established when the tool is first used. The tool provides a common structure and approach for developing and assessing food-related capabilities, so stakeholders can measure their progress on preparedness over time.

>>> Continuous changes to the food system make it vulnerable to economically motivated adulteration, natural disasters, foodborne illness outbreaks, and intentional contamination highlighting the importance of preparedness for all food contingencies. 


2016 Updates


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10 Question Survey


1 Collaborative Response Per
State Workgroup

FARM Toolkit Capabilities

Benchmarking: The FARM Toolkit utilizes an interactive survey to gain information on state’s current capabilities by answering questions aligned with Presidential Policy Directive 8; National Preparedness.

Example of new survey questions:







Resources: Based on responses to the benchmarking survey, states are linked directly to resources customized to improve their food emergency preparedness. * Updated by FPDI and user submissions

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