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Food Defense Research Database

Food Defense Research DatabaseThe Research Database project was initiated to address the gap in identifying research completed or underway pertinent to intentional or catastrophic events in the food and agriculture sector. The work accomplished in this project assists public and private sector leaders in addressing research gaps, needs, and to conduct vulnerability assessments. The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) established a database to ensure that research in the food and agriculture sector was captured and available for viewing. FPDI has identified and assessed existing research from numerous U.S. and international databases. Those projects deemed of value have been added to the data base totaling over 300 entries to date while more than 1000 have been reviewed. The project entries contain projects addressing the intentional contamination of the food protection, animal, and water supply. This includes methods of contamination, detection, persistence, risk assessment/communication, and decontamination. The final aims of the project are to create a Food Defense Research Agenda. This will be accomplished by matching research requirements and needs from government and the private sector with gaps identified through this project.

For access to the Research Database, please register at FoodSHIELD.