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Research Spotlight: Validation of Gold Nanoparticle DNA-based Biosensors for the Detection of Non-PCR Amplified Bacterial Foodborne Pathogens in Food Matrices

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This project introduces protocol efficiencies and completes validation of a simple, economical, and portable DNA-based biosensor. This biosensor detection system will perform sensitive, rapid, PCR-independent detection of foodborne pathogens within food matrices both in lab and field settings.

[Webinar] FPDI Education Initiatives

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Based on cutting-edge research and current best practices, FPDI's education agenda offers curriculum innovation, workforce training programs, and undergraduate and graduate opportunities to increase awareness of food defense on a global scale, enhance the skill set of our current workforce, and train the next generation of food defense workers. Our intention is to help industry, government agencies, and educators realize and reduce the potential for contamination at any point along the food supply chain in an effort to mitigate potentially catastrophic public health and economic effects of attacks to our food supply. In this webinar presenters will highlight FPDI Curriculum Initiatives, Workforce Training, and Student Opportunities. - See more at: