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Brown Bag Series 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Threat Assessment in Food Defense

The Food Protection and Defense Institute is focused on protecting the global food supply through research, education, and the delivery of innovative solutions. The Brown Bag Series will present the many tools developed by FPDI to addess threats to our food supply. Each 1-hour series will allow 40 minutes to presenters and 20 minutes for Q&A. Invited attendees may attend one, two, three, or all four series presentations and certificates of completion are avaliable. 

Kircher and Fredrickson Attended International Law Enforcement Symposium in Lyon, France

Friday, May 27, 2016

FPDI recently participated in International Law Enforcement Symposium: Impact of Chemical and Biological Agents on Food Defense. Co-organized by the FBI and INTERPOL, the symposium was attended by 110 representatives from law enforcement and regulatory agencies from 25 member countries who...

FPDI Submits Final Report on Food Industry Cybersecurity Summit

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Food and agriculture is one of the nation’s critical infrastructure and the food companies comprising it are no less dependent upon IT and ICS resources- and threatened by attacks upon them- than are the other critical infrastructure sectors. To assess the state of food industry cybersecurity, the Food Protection and Defense Institute convened the Food Industry Cybersecurity Summit in Washington D.C. on March 15-16, 2016. At this meeting, nearly 40 participants from the food industry, government, and academia gathered for presentations, robust discussions, and brainstorming and ranking exercise to 1) improve understanding of the cyber threats and risks facing the food industry, 2) identify knowledge gaps, and 3) determine actions the industry and companies can take to address them.

[Webinar] Information Sharing: A Critical Component to Protecting the Food Supply

Friday, May 6, 2016

With natural and man-made global threats to our food system no one organization – public or private – can have full awareness of all the threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents that could cause devastating health harm and economic loss from a food system disruption. There is little doubt that sharing information can and has mitigated consequences of natural or intentional contamination. This webinar presents research results on information sharing within the government, from the government to industry, and within the industry.