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Facilitating Information Exchange with Tyco Integrated Security

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Food Protection and Defense Institute (FPDI) is proud to announce that they are coordinating this year’s Food Defense Conference with Tyco Integrated Security and its Food Defense Strategy Exchange (FDSE). The two conferences will be held back-to-back from June 27th – June 30th.

The goal is to promote the sharing of best practices by industry experts, as well as allow food defense stakeholders an opportunity to meet with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), developers of the intentional adulteration rule.

Now in its seventh year, the FDSE pulls together key officials from the FDA, law enforcement, leading researchers from academia, and innovative corporate practitioners to address the most challenging issues in protecting the food supply chain from intentional adulteration. It is the only event in the industry exclusively focused on food defense.

Why work with Tyco Integrated Security?

Both organizations, the FPDI and Tyco Integrated Security, firmly believe in facilitating the exchange of information as it applies to food defense. Both organizations understand that the more that critical information can be disseminated through the food and beverage industry, the greater the chances of preventing intentional adulteration to the food supply chain and protecting the people that depend on it.

What does Tyco Integrated Security have to do with food defense?

Tyco Integrated Security works closely with food and beverage companies, government agencies and other food supply security sources to continuously improve food defense plans, programs and strategies for the industry.  Tyco offers food safety and food defense solutions to protect producers, manufactures, distributors and the public.

To learn more about Tyco Integrated Security, the FDSE and the drive to continuously improve food defense methods and systems, please click on the link below.