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Food Protection Message

Global Defense: Building Resilience in Disaster Response Systems

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

By Amy Kircher, DrPH and Erin Mann

We recently returned from a whirlwind, 8-day trip to Sierra Leone and Rome as part of the “Building Resilience in Disaster Response Systems” project. Funded by the Paul G. Allen Ebola Program, FPDI has partnered with the Logistics Cluster of the World Food Program (WFP) to improve medical supply chain visibility, both upstream (manufacturers / suppliers) and downstream (distribution). The partnership with WFP was launched in earnest this month when WFP invited us to Sierra Leone to observe downstream operations in an Ebola-affected region and then on to Rome for several working sessions at WFP headquarters.

Food Protection Message - October 2015

Friday, October 30, 2015

1080. Most people when they hear this number are going to think that you are talking about the resolution of your TV.  For those in New Zealand this number can provoke a very different reaction – anger and disbelief.  A year ago this month a terrorist(s) threatened Fonterra and Federated Farmers Inc. with contamination of their infant formula with 1080—the potent rodenticide—if they didn’t convince the New Zealand government to stop using the rodenticide by March of 2015.  New Zealand has used 1080 to control their non-indigenous population of possums and other invasive rodents for a number of years.  It is also used in the U.S. to protect sheep and goats from coyotes.

Food Protection Message - June 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

It seems to be the lead story once per week – “Cyber attack! Data systems breached; your information may have been compromised”. The story parallels Groundhog Day with new companies and agencies becoming the latest victims each week. Trustwave, a cyber security company, in its annual 2014 report on cyber trends the world over, reported that in 2014 the Food and Beverage Industry is the second most attacked sector with 18% of global incidents. 

Food Protection Message - October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

As we travel the world, we are continually impressed by the work happening in food defense across the globe. Our team has picked up best practices from global collaborations between governments, companies, and academics. We learn and are able to share food defense efforts and tools across our food defender network. This week was no different as we traveled to Beijing to work with our Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine (CAIQ) colleagues. There is a tremendous amount of work happening here from broad and focused mitigation steps to risk analysis to identify Economically Motivated Adulteration (EMA).

Food Protection Message - September 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

And that’s a wrap! According to your feedback, the Food Defense Conference was a smashing success. The forum allowed us to highlight challenges we face in protecting our food supply and discuss solutions to mitigating threats. The General Sessions launched key conversations on cyber security, vulnerability assessment, and addressing fractures in our critical infrastructure. Our breakout sessions were often overflowing with great debate on how to defend our food system. Many of you shared your appreciation for the breadth of topics and perspectives from other disciplines. I was thrilled to see networking happening at receptions, in hallways, and over lunch.   A bevy of collaborations and partnerships were formed to advance current research projects and initiate new work. 


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