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Current Food Protection Issues

FPDI has several subject matter experts that are able to talk about current food protection issues. We have listed a few pressing items that we are investigating but our experts are able to converse on a multitude of topics.

  • Avian Influenza Outbreak - FPDI has an epidemiologist on staff that has created outbreak models with USDA and has been following the AI outbreak. More information can be found in our news item.
  • Ebola Outbreak May Create Potential for Food Fraud - The recent Ebola outbreak has second order consequences including a reduced product supply of cocoa which could raise prices. These are known drivers of the incentive for food fraud. Our food fraud expert is able to discuss why this is an issue we are looking at. More information can be found in our news item.
  • Egg Shortage from Avian Influenza Outbreak May Create Potential for Food Fraud - The U.S. is the largest producer of eggs and egg products. The recent AI outbreak has caused a shortage of these valued products, which means there is an increased risk of food fraud to occur. More information can be found on our Current Issues Report.

News Releases

UMN Receiving $1M Grant for Ebola Research October 7, 2015

National Center for Food Protection and Defense announces a name change as its work to protect the food supply continues to expand around the globe September 21, 2015