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Food Defense Collaboration: The Whole is Better than the Sum of its Parts, Food Safety Tech, September 2017

DHS COE Arctic Domain Awareness Center Releases New RFP, ADAC, September 2017

Supply Chain Awareness Critical to Food Safety, Food Safety Tech, June 2017

Hot Topics in Intentional Adulteration, Food Fraud and Food Crime, Food Safety Tech, May 2017

The Hackers in Your Yogurt, Quartz, March 2017

USDA on Tainted Brazilian Meat: None has Entered U.S., 100 Percent Re-Inspection Instituted, Press Release, March 2017

Agroterrorism Demands Complete Preparedness, Nevil Speer, FeedStuffs, March 2017

Innovative Supply Chain Information Platform Will Help Prepare for the Next Pandemic, World Food Programme, March 2017

New UN Supply Chain System to Slash Delays, Save Likes in Large-Scale Health Crises, UN News Centre, March 2017

Applications Now Open for Faculty Leaders Program in Policy Research and Analysis, Pardee RAND, March 2017

Better Federal Coordination Needed to Protect Nation's Food Supply from Biological Attacks, Homeland Preparedness News, January 2017

Tyco Integrated Security Shares a Webinar on Food Defense Food Defense Plans in Action:  Mondelēz International’s Global Food Defense Strategy, Release from Tyco, May 2016

FPDI's Col. John Hoffman to Provide Keynote Address at Inaugural Food Integrity Conference in New Zealand, Scoop Independent News, May 2016

Facilitating Information Exchange with Tyco Integrated Security, Release from Tyco, April 2016
Food Fraud: What is Really on the Menu?, The Big Issue, February 2016
Steve Lubetkin, "2016 Reconnect Workshop- June 12-18, 2016", CCICADA, February 2016
Annie Baxter, "The multi-billion dollar problem of food fraud", Marketplace, January 2016

 Crop Protection News Reports, “Food Protection and Defense Institute reorganizes to meet multitude of immediate needs”, Crop Protection News, October 2015

Paul G. Allen Ebola Program Awards $11 Million in New Grants”, Release from the Paul G. Allen Foundation, October 2015
Kevin Closs, “Watson kicks off cognitive computing research”, UMN Inquiry, August 2015
Sydney Devine, “Your Food May Not Be What You Think It Is”, WebMD Special Report, July 2015
Mary Ellen Kuhn, “Figuring Out Food Fraud: A Look at Resources”, IFT News, July 2015
Courtney Kueppers, “Cargill, the U are leading the way in movement to enhance food safety”, Star Tribune, July 2015
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