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Congratulations & Good Luck! FPDI Students of 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017

The Food Protection and Defense Institute would like to extend a special thank you and congratulations to all of our graduating students for their hard work and dedication to protecting our food supply.


Hannah Root

B.S. Political Science with a minor in public health

Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)


Emily Smith

MPH in Epidemiology

Paul Allen Ebola Project/ Resillience in Disaster Response System 


Elise Holmes

Masters of Public Policy

Education Projects


Jacqueline Logan

MPH in Epidemiology

Cristal Mobile App/ Using big data to understand the impact of climate and water shocks


Jasper Johnson

B.A in Political Science with a minor in GIS and a certificate in Technical Writing

Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)


Wei Chen

M.A. in Data Science  *graduating in December

Paul Allen Ebola Project


Kelvin Luu


Sunghun Lim

EMA Modeling Project

Sophia Williams

World Factbook of Foods

Andrea Ocando Parra

Food Adulteration Incidents Registry (FAIR)