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Dr. Kircher to Present at 2018 Belfast Summit for Global Food Integrity

Monday, January 29, 2018

This May Dr. Amy Kircher will presenting a keynote speech at the upcoming Belfast Summit for Global Food Integrity. The Belfast Summit on Global Food Integrity will bring together international and government agencies, the academic and industrial research community, NGOs and the commercial and technical leaders in the food industry and its supply chain to discuss, debate and provide leadership on tackling a range of serious challenges that face the integrity of our global food supply system. Key themes of the event include deliberate contamination of food; the threat from pathogens to the food system; human exposure to chemical cocktails present in foods; and delivering the nutritional needs for the 21st century global population. The Belfast Summit is truly a global event with representatives from Denmark, USA, Austria, Czech Republic, China, Singapore, Belgium and The Netherlands. Other keynote speakers include professionals from WHO, FAO PepsiCo and the European Commission to list a few. To learn more please visit: