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Food Protection Message - September 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Food Defense Conference 2014

And that’s a wrap! According to your feedback, the Food Defense Conference was a smashing success. The forum allowed us to highlight challenges we face in protecting our food supply and discuss solutions to mitigating threats. The General Sessions launched key conversations on cyber security, vulnerability assessment, and addressing fractures in our critical infrastructure. Our breakout sessions were often overflowing with great debate on how to defend our food system. Many of you shared your appreciation for the breadth of topics and perspectives from other disciplines. I was thrilled to see networking happening at receptions, in hallways, and over lunch.   A bevy of collaborations and partnerships were formed to advance current research projects and initiate new work. 
If you missed the conference, ask a friend about these hashtags:

#hogwash        #protectingyourbuns        #snackpacks        #bigdata
#fracturedinfrastructure        #unknownunknowns        #rapidfire
#youhaveoneminute        #deliciousness        #fooddefender

Overwhelmingly, you have already asked when the next conference will be. I can assure we are busy assessing the next forum and timing. Stay tuned, we will be in touch soon so you can start your travel plans!


Amy Kircher, DrPH is the Director of the National Center for Food Protection and Defense, A Homeland Security Center of Excellence.

Follow Dr. Kircher on Twitter @FoodDefender for the latest news and information on what is happening in the food protection and defense world!

Amy Kircher