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FPDI Presents at Food Safety Consortium with FBI

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Industry has preparedness and response programs in place for many events including food safety, fire, and weather emergencies. Yet, how does industry prepare for a food defense crisis?  How does food defense become contextualized within a more holistic preparedness and response program? On November 28, 2017, Jennifer van de Ligt and FBI Special Agent Scott Mahloch teamed up to speak at the Food Safety Consortium in Chicago, IL. Their presentation emphasized essential elements of food defense preparedness and response planning. Moving beyond the details of food defense planning and the specifics of the IA rule, Jennifer van de Ligt focused broadly on food defense training, planning, processes, exercises, and partnerships as essential parts to build a food defense culture within an organization. Special Agent Scott Mahloch detailed the involvement of FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate within food defense crime by exploring specific threats to the food sector and describing how the FBI WMD program counters threat and initiates response, investigative measures, resource mobilization, and reach back capabilities.