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Introducing the Food Protection and Defense Institute

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dear Friends and Collaborators – We have a new name!

The National Center for Food Protection and Defense would like to introduce you to the next iteration of our Homeland Security Center of Excellence: the Food Protection and Defense Institute. Over the past few years, our focus and breadth of work have expanded to keep up with the evolution of the food system. Now our name, vision, and mission also reflect those efforts.

“A safe, abundant food supply for all.”

“Protecting the global food supply through research, education, and the delivery of innovative solutions.”

As of today, September 14, 2015, we will be known as the Food Protection and Defense Institute. The core work of the Center will remain as we become an Institute with a few exciting advancements that reflect growth and our continued focus on protecting the global food supply.
Our beginnings as a small research consortium have expanded over the years into an agile organization that is able to provide a multitude of food protection needs. While we continue to conduct critical research, we have expanded our efforts into four distinct product lines: Research, Education and Training, Information Technology, and Service Delivery. When integrated, these product lines transition our research and education into an expert workforce and innovative solutions that meet the needs of the food sector.
The heart of our Institute will continue to be focused on protecting and defending the intricate food system that needs to be analyzed on a global scale. The food on our dinner table is no longer from a 100-mile radius, but travels from across the world. We look forward to continued partnership both at home and in the global community.
I am thrilled to share this exciting information with you and would like to assure you that protecting this critical infrastructure is still our number one priority. Other exciting changes include a brand new website available at, updated social media pages, and a new email address Click on the links and check it out! Our phone numbers and addresses remain the same. Please make sure to update any mentions of NCFPD on your websites and contact databases to FPDI.
I look forward to continuing our work as the Food Protection and Defense Institute and hope you will join us in celebrating our new transformation. If you are in the area, we will be hosting a reception this Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 4:30 at the McNamara Alumni Center and invite you to stop by for food, drinks, and a short program by Peter Frosch on Global Food Solutions. Feel free to reach out with any questions at my new director email address:

Amy Kircher

Amy Kircher, DrPH
Food Protection and Defense Institute
A Homeland Security Center of Excellence
based at the University of Minnesota