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Meet NCFPD: Neal Fredrickson, Assistant Curriculum Coordinator

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Neal Fredrickson, Assistant Curriculum Coordinator

Neal Fredrickson is an Assistant Curriculum Coordinator and a part of NCFPD’s education team. Neal started his work with us while he studied food science at the University of Minnesota and worked on NCFPD-funded threat agents research. His relationship grew stronger when he was awarded a Department of Homeland Security Career Development grant in 2011. Neal officially joined our team after graduation to create education and training materials for food defense. The big question that he pursues every day is “How can we best teach food defense to the current and future workforce?” When not at work, you can find Neal in his kitchen trying to cook up some of his favorite foods with varying levels of success or on the hunt for live jazz and a hoppy local craft beer. Neal can be reached at