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Research Spotlight: Virtual Integrated Real-Time User Analytics (VIRTUAL) Tool

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Virtual Integrated Real-Time User Analytics (VIRTUAL) tool generates simulated food supply chain data for use with other food defense models to better understand the dynamics of the global supply chain. The tool provides a virtual feedback look to any food defense or traceability model by more accurately depicting the dynamics of real-world supply chains.  


The current global good system is increasingly complex making it incredibly difficult to analyze the macro-level effects of micro-level decisions. Realistically, there isn't a mechanism to scientifically and accurately depict the dynamics of the supply chain distribution of a food product for meaningful analysis and evaluation. 



The VIRTUAL modeling tool produces real-world and simulated food distribution data which may then be used as inputs for other food system models such as those that predict the consequences of catastrophic events at any point along the supply chain. 



Improved quality and accuracy of inputs using VIRTUAL-produced supply chain data can enhance the functionality of numerous models used in traceability, risk analysis, consequence management and other as well as food safety and defense applications. 


Key Users

• Food system modelers in the public and private sectors


Principal Investigator:

Tejas Bhatt, MS, CFS
Director, Global Food Traceability Center, Institute of Food Technologists


Final Report Briefing

Download Handouts: Presentation Slides & Project Abstract


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This project is funded through the Food Protection and Defense Institute by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate’s Office of University Programs through Award Number 2010-ST-061-FD0001.