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Emerging Issues: Ebola

Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
The world's largest and longest outbreak of Ebola currently ongoing in West Africa presents a potential threat to the United States. In the context of Ebola, the threat of contaminated food commodities entering the United States and the risk of human infection via consumption of...

World Fact Book of Food

Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
Throughout NCFPD's tenure, there have been repeated requests, requirements, and inquiries for a central reference repository that holds data on food. These requests have come from government and industry alike to support risk and vulnerability assessments as well as understanding real-time...

Advancing SERS to field technology for food defense application

Principal Investigator: 
Lili He
The use of biological and chemical toxins as terror agents on the food supply could cause catastrophic consequences to public health and severe economic impact. However, an analytical method that can rapidly detect these agents in dynamic food chains is lacking. Previously, we received NCFPD...

Development of a Quantitative Food Supply Vulnerability Tool Exploring Public Health Risks

Principal Investigator: 
Emma Hartnett
The FSMA (2011) Section 106 requires that a vulnerability assessment of the food system be conducted, including biological, chemical, radiological, or other risk assessments. While defining vulnerability, DHS (2010) noted that a practical measure is the "likelihood that an attack is successful...

Virtual Integrated Real-Time User AnaLytics (VIRTUAL) Tool

Principal Investigator: 
Tejas Bhatt
The current global food system is increasingly complex where it is incredibly difficult to analyze the macro-level effects of micro-level decisions. Realistically, there isn't a mechanism to scientifically and accurately depict the dynamics of the supply chain distribution of a food product...

Frontier Interdisciplinary eXperiences (FIX) Coordinators for NCFPD Career Development Program

Principal Investigator: 
Justin Kastner; Jason Ackleson
The Frontier program and its flagship educational and mentorship effort the FIX program illustrate an inter-university approach to preparing undergraduate and graduate students for tomorrow's complex, multi-faceted Homeland Security challenges. Hallmarks of the FIX program include genuine...

Development and Implementation of a Graduate Certification of Completion Program in Food Protection and Defense

Principal Investigator: 
Abbey Nutsch
The objective of this project is to establish and implement an NCFPD multi-institutional, interdisciplinary graduate education program in food protection and defense. This Graduate Education Program will include a graduate certificate of completion in food protection and defense that leverages...


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