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DHS Science and Technology Directorate

FPDI Policy Summit

Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
The NCFPD Policy Summit will convene decision makers and subject matter experts from key stakeholder organizations in the food, agriculture, and homeland security sectors to identify and define critical policy issues for protecting the food system and create action plans for addressing them. As a...

World Fact Book of Food

Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
Throughout NCFPD's tenure, there have been repeated requests, requirements, and inquiries for a central reference repository that holds data on food. These requests have come from government and industry alike to support risk and vulnerability assessments as well as understanding real-time...

Application of OIE Risk Analysis Framework to Formal and Informal Trade of Wildlife: A Framework for Assessing Threats to U.S. National Food Security - Phase I

Principal Investigator: 
Dominic Travis
A report in 2011 by Global Financial Integrity ranks wildlife black markets as the fifth most lucrative in the world, while some experts claim it may rank third after drugs and arms trafficking. The same established supply chains and transportation networks used to smuggle drugs, arms, and humans...

Validation of Gold Nanoparticle DNA-based Biosensors for the Detection of Non-PCR Amplified Bacterial Food Borne Pathogens in Food Matrices

Principal Investigator: 
Sylvia Vetrone
Since the intentional distribution of Bacillus anthracis spores through the US postal system in 2001, the prospect of bioterrorism in food, water, and agriculture has identified critical needs in prevention, protection, and mitigation for homeland security. Towards that end, we recently...

Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Food Additives

Principal Investigator: 
Margaret Rush
The overall objective of this study is to assess vulnerability of the food supply to introduction of a chemical or biological contaminant through a food additive. To our knowledge, no group has performed a vulnerability assessment that considers the intentional contamination of food additives. The...

Frontier Interdisciplinary eXperiences (FIX) Coordinators for NCFPD Career Development Program

Principal Investigator: 
Justin Kastner; Jason Ackleson
The Frontier program and its flagship educational and mentorship effort the FIX program illustrate an inter-university approach to preparing undergraduate and graduate students for tomorrow's complex, multi-faceted Homeland Security challenges. Hallmarks of the FIX program include genuine...


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