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Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization

Virtual Integrated Real-Time User AnaLytics (VIRTUAL) Tool

Principal Investigator: 
Tejas Bhatt
The current global food system is increasingly complex where it is incredibly difficult to analyze the macro-level effects of micro-level decisions. Realistically, there isn't a mechanism to scientifically and accurately depict the dynamics of the supply chain distribution of a food product...

Food Product Tracing Technology Capabilities and Interoperability

Principal Investigator: 
Tejas Bhatt; Jennifer (Previous PI) McEntire
Despite the best efforts of food safety professionals, contaminated food continues to enter the food supply. It is imperative that contaminated food be removed from the supply chain as quickly as possible to protect public health and stabilize markets. In addition to findings highlighted in the...

Freight Transportation Risk and Resiliency in International Food Supply Chains

Principal Investigator: 
Alan Erera
The objectives of the proposed research are to identify, and to determine how to mitigate, risks in the freight transportation components of international food supply chains, with the intent of enabling significant improvement in food supply chain security, preparedness, and resiliency. Focusing...


Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
FoodSHIELD ( is a Web-based platform designed to facilitate communication and coordination among the various food and agricultural sector laboratories and regulatory agencies. Two comprehensive databases are being developed to support FoodShield: Food&AgDIR, which...

Models of Interdependent Security in Food Supply Chains

Principal Investigator: 
Vicki Bier
This research focused on protection from terrorism using risk analysis and game theory. In particular, game-theoretic models were developed to evaluate how investments in security by some partners in the supply chain can affect the risks and returns faced by others. Stochastic optimization models...
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