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Biological Threats and Countermeasures

Use of Commercial Household Sanitizers to Inactivate Spores

Principal Investigator: 
Michael Davidson
The overall goal of this project was to investigate the sporicidal capabilities of commercially available household disinfectants and other products against spores of Bacillus cereus used as surrogates for Bacillus anthracis. Products were evaluated in vitro, in milk, on potential food contact...

Rapid Testing for Botulinum Toxin using Egg Yolk Antibodies

Principal Investigator: 
Mark Cook
The objective of this research project was to demonstrate the capacity of the egg antibody platform in detection and neutralization of botulinum toxin. Anti-botulinum toxin antibody was produced by immunizing hens with botulinum toxoid in Freund complete adjuvant followed by several booster...

Bioluminescent Bacteria as Biological Sensors for Toxic Agents in Food

Principal Investigator: 
Evangelyn Alocilja
The overall goal of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of using luminescent bacteria as canaries for rapid non-specific and on-site detection of toxic contaminants in food products. The proof-of-concept results demonstrate that Vibrio fischeri bacteria can be used to detect toxins...

Electrochemical Biosensor for B. anthracis

Principal Investigator: 
Evangelyn Alocilja
A proof-of-concept electrochemical biosensor for quickly detecting Bacillus anthracis spores has been developed. The biosensor can detect the target in 6 minutes (from sample application to final readout). Sensitivity is 100-1000 spores per milliliter. The biosensor is reagentless and disposable...


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