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Food and Agriculture Security

Supply Chain Food Protection and Defense Supply Chain Standards

Principal Investigator: 
Omar Keith Helferich
Development of a 10 Step Food Safety and Defense Standards Parocess is considered necessary to achieve a best practice that will assist in the implementation of the integrated standards processes across the extended food supply chain. A US-wide survey of environmental health professionals in...

Supply Chain Food Protection and Defense Incident Management Infrastructure

Principal Investigator: 
John Griggs
Development of a prototype version of a web-based decision support tool that significantly reduces time required identifying sources of contamination in the food supply chain, and concurrently, more rapidly identifies points of consumer purchase or consumption placed at-risk by specific sources of...

Supply Chain Security Best Practices—Suppliers and Manufacturers

Principal Investigator: 
David Closs
Based on a sample of over 200 food manufacturers, a survey was used to determine supply chain defense practices, supply chain defense performance, and moderating factors. Using the supply chain competency framework (Closs et al., 2006, Bowersox et al), 2000), reported competencies and performance...


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