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Commercialization for Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals (FIDES)

Award No.: 
In Progress
Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Start Date: 
July, 2015
End Date: 
June, 2016
Regulated food products are distributed through global supply chains and are comprised of multiple complex systems to move food from farm to fork. Due to the nature of these systems, rapid and ongoing identification of possible risks are an ongoing challenge. Threats to food products come in many forms, from Mother Nature to system failures (e.g., natural disasters, intentional contamination for economic, criminal or terrorist reasons, etc.). The Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals (FIDES) project conducts research to identify human and animal health threats that represent the potential consequence of a disruption in the food system. The work creates an integrated and system-based approach for data collection, fusion and assessment to enable and facilitate knowledge exchange and technology solutions. Current efforts focus on the customization of FIDES for industry.