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Containment and Remediation System

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Principal Investigator: 
Susan Harlander
PI Organization: 
BT Safety LLC
Effective management of containment and remediation is critical for minimizing the consequences of a deliberate attack on the food system. Detailed agent- and food-specific protocols for disposal, containment, remediation, and recovery need to be available in advance of an actual incident and easily accessible to a variety of first responders. This project focuses on the development of a PCbased software system for planning, managing, and tracking activities such as disposal of contaminated products, decontamination of sites, certification of readiness for resumption of business, and communication strategies. A key component of this project is the development of an extensive database of best practices regarding disposal and containment and remediation activities, along with protocols and scenarios, designed to be accessible before an event for training/preparedness purposes and during and after an event for management of the response. The software system enables the selection of strategies that apply to each contaminated site and to track the progress of subsequent activities. The system has broad applicability as a crisis management and recovery tool for a wide range of first responders in government and the private sector.
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