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Food Fraud Public Health Threat Backgrounder

Award No.: 
Principal Investigator: 
John Spink
PI Organization: 
Michigan State University
The public health threat of Food Fraud includes melamine in pet food, melamine in infant formula, Sudan red colorant in sauces and agricultural products, banned antibiotics or pesticides in food, undeclared allergens in spices that have country-of-origin fraud, and many others. The researchers will analyze literature and current trends in the definition, including the presentations and Federal Register comments from the May 2009 FDA Open Meeting on Economically Motivated Adulteration (which includes a presentation by the PI titled Defining Food Fraud & The Chemistry of the Crime). The research and expert insight will be supplemented with peer-reviews by relevant industry, agency, and association partners. The research will include extensive outreach to health risk communicators, which will be led by the Project Coordinator, who is an official MSU Communicator. Outcomes: A peer-reviewed backgrounder on economically motivated adulteration will be developed. The backgrounder is targeted at producers, manufactures, and retailers. By defining Food Fraud as an autonomous concept, the backgrounder will also justify further academic research of this risk. Additional outreach materials will be produced including an ready web-page, webinar content related of the Backgrounder and brochures.
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