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Award No.: 
Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
FoodSHIELD ( is a Web-based platform designed to facilitate communication and coordination among the various food and agricultural sector laboratories and regulatory agencies. Two comprehensive databases are being developed to support FoodShield: Food&AgDIR, which supports U.S. food and agriculture regulatory agencies at all levels, and LabDIR, which supports laboratories. These databases, populated with information on each agency's capabilities, capacity, technology, and expertise, is available to appropriate users within the agencies through a secure, intuitive interface. FoodSHIELD also has a number of other online tools (such as video conferencing, interactive PowerPoint presentations, secure online training that can be taken as the user's time permits, group forums, live chat capabilities, contact listings, calendars, polls, and document libraries) that support essential education and training programs.