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Frontier Interdisciplinary eXperiences (FIX) Coordinators for NCFPD Career Development Program

Principal Investigator: 
Justin Kastner; Jason Ackleson
PI Organization: 
Kansas State University; New Mexico State University
The Frontier program and its flagship educational and mentorship effort the FIX program illustrate an inter-university approach to preparing undergraduate and graduate students for tomorrow's complex, multi-faceted Homeland Security challenges. Hallmarks of the FIX program include genuine interdisciplinary co-mentorship by Drs. Jason Ackleson, Justin Kastner, and Abbey Nutsch and dedicated student-guidance personnel in the form of two FIX Coordinators, Michael Bursum at NMSU and Steve Toburen at KSU. Frontier's unique attention to individual student academic and professional development is enhanced by the consistent availability of the two FIX Coordinators. They provide administrative support to ensure timely disbursement of CDG FIX student stipends and tuition, and facilitate internship placement and student participation in routinely held student retreats, field trips, training sessions, professional development opportunities, and workshops. The Frontier and FIX programs' career-development efforts are intended to culminate in either an internship or employment, or both. The FIX Coordinators ensure that all students are informed of emerging internship, funding, conference, and research presentation opportunities that complement individual student interests and goals.