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NCFPD Center of Excellence Food Protection Education Portal - Phase I

Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
There is a large and growing volume of food protection education and training material available to meet the increasing demand from government, industry, and public audiences. NCFPD can advance food protection education nation-wide by integrating resources from three projects, Food Protection, FoodSHIELD, and Education Theme Group into a dynamic, integrated portal of food protection education and training. FoodSHIELD will house the portal for NCFPD, providing access to a select quantity of vetted, validated, and classified educational information resources, ranging from manuals and textbooks to syllabi, packaged presentations, and fact sheets that are employed at many levels of food protection education and training. resources will be reviewed for inclusion in a revised, updated food protection education portal built from the publications by NCFPD associates and related agencies.
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