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Public Health Investigation of Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks

Award No.: 
Principal Investigator: 
Craig Hedberg
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Purpose: These CIFOR multi-jurisdictional guidelines are intended to help improve communication and coordination between agencies investigating multi-jurisdictional outbreaks at all levels of governmental organization. The guidelines are proposed to help agencies identify multijurisdictional outbreaks, and increase the speed of investigation and control of outbreaks, through the following objectives: 1) provide a definition of when an outbreak may be considered a multiple jurisdictional outbreak, and 2) establish a framework for rapidly assessing whether multiple jurisdictions are affected by a given foodborne disease event, and 3) promote early and effective communication and coordination among agencies involved in multi-jurisdictional investigations, and 4) detail specific actions that may need to be carried out in a multi-jurisdictional outbreak, and 5) provide guidance on how to manage the transition between the phases of an outbreak investigation during which leadership of the investigation changes, and 6) provide guidance on post-outbreak debriefing and dissemination of findings.
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