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Risk Communication Training

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Principal Investigator: 
William Hueston
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
The NCFPD Risk Communication Project strives to enhance the nation's food defense capacities through translational research, risk communicator training development and rapid response deployment. These activities are defined by best practices in effective risk communication for active engagement of multiple audiences prior to, during and after potentially catastrophic foodborne outbreaks. The risk communication project team brings together some of the nation's most knowledgeable authorities on the subject of risk communication for the food system. The expertise bridges agriculture, food science, veterinary medicine, communication, psychology, journalism and public health disciplines to create a team that reflects the diversity of the audiences and stakeholders involved in and affected by food protection and defense. A core team of project collaborators have been identified to provide rapid response assistance to the NCFPD and external partners and stakeholders in the event of a high risk situation or emerging issue that threatens America's food system.
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