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Supply Chain Benchmarking - Wholesale, Retail, and Food Service

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Principal Investigator: 
Jean Kinsey
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
This project addresses the need to increase awareness of food system vulnerabilities among retail and wholesale food companies and to enhance companies' preparedness for catastrophic incidents. Initial interviews and pilot surveys identified management and operations practices that enhance security at retail, wholesale, and food service companies. These observations were incorporated into a comprehensive survey to ascertain the best practices in management, employment, communication, and information preparedness among firms in the wholesale/retail end of the food supply chain. Results from the survey will be used to provide (1) confidential assessments for each participating company on their current level of preparedness for prevention, detection, response, and recovery, along with specific recommendations for improving their preparedness, (2) a benchmarking software tool for industry use, (3) a set of best practices for enhancing food defense at wholesale and retail food companies, and (4) overall recommendations on improving food security practices, protecting employees and consumers, reducing vulnerabilities, and enhancing consumer confidence in the safety of the food supply.
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