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Validation and optimization of biologically modified electrically-active magnetic nanoparticles (nano-BEAMs) for direct capture and concentration of bioterrorism agents in various food matrices

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Evangelyn Alocilja
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Michigan State University
The existing project focuses on the synthesis and novel application of biologically modified electrically-active magnetic nanoparticles (nano-BEAMs) for sample acquisition and pre-analytical processing to render representative samples of food products ready for rapid agent detection in multiple detection platforms. The deliverables of the existing project are: (1) Synthesis, characterization, and biomodification of the electrically-active magnetic nanoparticles (nano-BEAMs) from Fe2O3/polyaniline core/shell to separate and concentrate B. anthracis spores from artificially contaminated food samples, and (2) Comparison of the efficiency of Fe2O3/polyaniline nano-BEAMs with commercially available immunomagnetic beads in capturing the target from the food samples. We are progressing well in these deliverables. In this continuation phase, we propose to validate the nano-BEAMs on various microbial agents and food matrices of direct concern to the military food supply chain. The overall goal is to develop a simple target extraction system with direct detection mechanism for use in quickly screening potential foodborne pathogens in the military food systems. The specific objectives are: (1) validate and optimize the use of nano-BEAMs to extract microbial targets in various food matrices of interest to the military food supply for direct detection by JBAIDS system, (2) use optimized nano-BEAMs to capture target in selected food matrices for direct detection by JBAIDS, (3) develop an extract-and-detect biosensor as a quick screening tool for bioterrorism agents, and (4) Evaluate performance of the biosensor for field portability and ease-of-use
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