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World Fact Book of Food

Award No.: 
In Progress
Principal Investigator: 
Amy Kircher
PI Organization: 
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Start Date: 
July, 2015
End Date: 
June, 2016
Throughout NCFPD's tenure, there have been repeated requests, requirements, and inquiries for a central reference repository that holds data on food. These requests have come from government and industry alike to support risk and vulnerability assessments as well as understanding real-time disruptions to the food system. In support of various projects, NCFPD has collected some of this data for use to meet specific Center needs. This project proposes to build a factbook patterned after The CIA World Factbook to serve as a central reference for the food and agriculture sector. Both food and country profiles will be built to support food and agriculture activities occurring from farm to fork. Food products and country profiles will be prioritized according to production or history of high risk foods. Data will include, but not be limited to, typical production (e.g. yields), standards (e.g. grading, testing), value, rankings, adulteration and contamination events, and typical product flow.