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Supply Chains

Supply Chain Security

The Food Protection and Defense Institute is a multi-disciplinary and action-oriented research consortium. Collaborations have been established at over 40 academic and private sector organizations.

Research in Supply Chain Security is targeted to strengthening supply chains by understanding system vulnerabilities, rapidly identifying disruptions, assessing risks, prioritizing protection efforts, and analyzing supply chain interdependencies. The ultimate objective is to develop tools to improve how stakeholders and policy makers understand the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses of the local-to-global interconnected systems that enable the food supply chain.



Current Projects

Fishy business: Economically motivated adulteration of fish in Minnesota retails markets

Principal Investigator: 
Nicholas Phelps
Economically motivated adulteration (EMA) or food fraud involving seafood (often called "fish fraud") is of significant and widespread concern. Numerous reports have indicated the rate of fraud, specifically for species substitution, in the United States ranges between 25-50% of products...

Virtual Integrated Real-Time User AnaLytics (VIRTUAL) Tool

Principal Investigator: 
Tejas Bhatt
The current global food system is increasingly complex where it is incredibly difficult to analyze the macro-level effects of micro-level decisions. Realistically, there isn't a mechanism to scientifically and accurately depict the dynamics of the supply chain distribution of a food product...
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