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System Strategies

Analyzing Ingredient-Product Relationships to Enhance Traceability

Principal Investigator: 
John Ambrosiano
Ingredients commonly used within a particular group of products could potentially be targeted by terrorists to intentionally contaminate many foods simultaneously. Additionally, specialty ingredients, or those having only a few suppliers, could be preferentially chosen because of their potential to...

FASTMAN Integrated Device for Detection of Select Agents

Principal Investigator: 
Vivek Kapur
Our long-term goal is to develop assays for the sensitive, specific, and reliable detection of select agents in the food supply at the field, processing plant, distribution system, or at point-of-sale/use. Our immediate objectives have been to develop and validate accurate and convenient analytic...

Statistical Risk Metrics using Extreme Value Theory

Principal Investigator: 
Hamid Mohtadi
This project consisted of three parts. First, we developed a new dataset on criminal/terrorist activities involving the use of chemical, biological or radionuclear (CBRN) agents on a global scale over the past 40 years. These include agents that would be the likely candidates to be used for any...

Toxin/Pathogen Inactivation and Disposal of Intentionally Contaminated Foods

Principal Investigator: 
Craig Benson
Information is currently lacking regarding methods to safely dispose of food, packaging, and related materials contaminated with a variety of pathogenic or toxic agents. One of the goals of this oneyear pilot project is to document the state of knowledge concerning microorganisms and toxins...

Freight Transportation Risk and Resiliency in International Food Supply Chains

Principal Investigator: 
Alan Erera
The objectives of the proposed research are to identify, and to determine how to mitigate, risks in the freight transportation components of international food supply chains, with the intent of enabling significant improvement in food supply chain security, preparedness, and resiliency. Focusing...


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