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Webinar Series


FPDI’s Food Protection Webinar Series is live on the first Friday of every month from 10AM-11AM CT. The webinar series highlights resources and recent research in areas related to food protection and defense. Past webinars are recorded and available online.


Detecting Food Fraud Through DNA Analyses

Food fraud takes many forms, including product mislabeling and species substitution which present a significant challenge for the food industry. This talk will provide an overview of food fraud, followed by a discussion of specific studies that have been conducted using DNA-based methods to detect instances of product mislabeling, adulteration and species substitution in various food ingredients and natural health products.

Presented by: Robert Hanner- Associate Professor, Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph


Using the Cyber Resilience Review and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

This webinar will describe the foundations of the Cyber Resilience Review (CRR) and how organizations can use the CRR to compare their capabilities to the criteria of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).  The CRR is used to assess an organization’s operational resilience and cybersecurity practices across ten foundational cybersecurity domains. The CRR has been used to assess more than 325 organizations and this webinar will provide insights and observations on the data collected.

Presented by: Robert Vrtis- Senior Engineer, CERT Division, Software Engineering Instititute, Carnegie Mellon University; Antonio Enriquez- Cyber Security Advisor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security 


Mass Feeding During Disasters: Planning and Response

Please join us for a one-hour webinar to learn more about mass feeding operations during disasters. Alexandra Woodruff from FEMA Logistics will discuss FEMA's role in mass feeding, including planning and preparedness efforts. Eddie Blackmon from Southern Baptist Disaster Relief will discuss the work of his organization during disasters, including their use of mobile kitchens. 

Presented by: Sam Johnson, Mass Care Emergency Assistance Section Chief, FEMA Logistics and Eddie Blackmon, Disaster Response Coordinator, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

FRIDAY, December 1, 2017 AT 10AM CT / 11AM ET

Dietary Landscape and Big Data

Harnessing the power of big data will aid us in understanding and assessing the dietary landscape which is defined as the representation of factors related to the production, access, and consumption of food. Learn about how this exploratory project integrated the emerging fields of dietary landscape and data science to develop case studies for the use of big data and analytics to answer questions regarding the dietary landscape and how to improve health outcomes as a collaborative effort of regulators, manufacturers, and academics.

Presented by: Amy Kircher- Director, Food Protection and Defense Institute


FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule Implementation Update and Discussion

This session is a unique opportunity to learn more from your FDA colleagues regarding the FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule. The speakers will provide a brief update on the FSMA IA rule implementation activities including implementation strategy, training. and guidance to aid in compliance. The session will also include an overview of requirements and “hot-topics” regarding the FSMA IA Rule and a technical discussion on vulnerability assessments.

Presented by: Ryan Newkirk- Policy Analyst, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition & Colin Barthel- Policy Analyst, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Food Defense and Emergency Coordination Staff, FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

FRIDAY, February 2, 2018 AT 10AM CT / 11AM ET

Perspectives on Whole Genome Sequencing in the Food Industry 

Whole genome sequencing is quickly becoming a method prevalent in the food industry with uses including identification of botanicals, detection of food adulteration and mislabeling, and differentiation of organisms in the food safety realm. This webinar will feature speakers providing perspectives on how the food industry is adapting to the availability and increasing use of whole genome sequencing.

Presented by: Tony Pavel- Senior Food Lawyer, Cargill Inc.; Sally Crowley- Global Director of Microbiology, Corporate Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Cargill Inc.

FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 2018 AT 10AM CT / 11AM ET

FPDI Intentional Adulteration Training Landscape

FPDI provides professional development programs to address food defense training for all levels within an organization and across a variety of disciplines–national to local government; law enforcement; food manufacturing and retail; and food service, catering, and restaurants. This session will showcase the newly released online Food Defense Awareness Certificate, the upcoming in-person Food Defense Industry Certificate held in conjunction with the 2018 Food Defense Conference, and other opportunities for further training in food defense.

Presented by: Deb Freedman- Education Manager, Food Protection and Defense Institute

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 2018 AT 10AM CT / 11AM ET

FoodSHIELD & CoreSHIELD Review and Updates

FPDI is continuing to improve and add new features to our FoodSHIELD and CoreSHIELD web-portals. Penny Norquist and Ted Steinmann of FPDI will talk about the latest updates and review the current portals.

Presenter: Penny Norquist- Project Manager, FPDI & Ted Steinmann- IT Manager, FPDI