About the Food Protection and Defense Institute

Protecting the global food supply through research, education, and the delivery of innovative solutions

The Food Protection and Defense Institute’s research, innovation, and education program is aimed at reducing food system disruption. With a keen eye for disruption, FPDI focuses on reducing the potential for contamination at any point along the food supply chain and places a high priority on addressing potential threats to the food system that could lead to catastrophic damage to public health or the economy.

The program incorporates cutting-edge research and innovation across a wide range of disciplines including supply chain management and security, information sharing, risk analysis and assessment, information technology, education, epidemiology, economics, molecular biology, food microbiology, biomedical engineering, toxicology, and cyber security. Collaboration across many disciplines allows transition of research and education initiatives into innovative solutions that meet the needs of the food and agriculture sector. Specific Institute efforts include:

  • Technical Reachback to Subject Matter Experts
  • Supply Chain Security, Preparedness, and Resiliency
  • Risk Assessment of Threats
  • Professional Development Programs
  • Tools to Support Compliance and Brand Protection
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Education and Training Programs

What is Food Defense?

"Food Defense" is the sum of actions and activities related to prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery of the food system from intentional acts of adulteration. This includes intentional adulteration from both terrorism and criminal activities. Criminal activities include economically motivated adulteration, as well as acts by disgruntled employees, consumers, or competitors intending to cause public health harm or business disruption.