The COVID-19 pandemic is placing immense pressure on our food system. Our stakeholders from farm to fork are demonstrating incredible resilience and implementing innovative approaches as the entire food system is adapting in real-time to the rapidly changing health and social conditions.

As part of this adaptation, employers across the food system are incorporating the Food and Drug Administration Best Practices for Retail Food Stores, Restaurants, and Associate Pick-up and Delivery in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to promote and preserve worker safety while continuing to deliver high quality food products. The focus of these best practices centers on:

  • Managing employee health
  • Personal hygiene for employees
  • Managing operations
  • Managing food pick-up and delivery

In addition, each of us is also a consumer within our food system and we must also do our part. Detailed safe shopping information for consumers provides 10 simple steps we can all adopt when shopping to protect ourselves, our families, and the grocery store workers and shoppers.
Stay healthy.

COVID-19 virus illustration