The Food Protection and Defense Institute has been providing food defense professional development and preparedness training for over 10 years.

We continuously consult with leading authorities regarding the current threat environment, regulations, and risk assessment and management strategies to provide up-to-date and relevant content. FPDI experts provide insight and thought leadership through a variety of speaking and engagement support venues across a wide range of food defense and public health topics.

FPDI Education Professionals have extensive experience in designing, developing, and delivering a continuum of food defense training from 1-hour to 5-day increments and options. We focus on intentional adulteration and economically motivated adulteration through a variety of training opportunities and course offerings that address:

  • FSMA Intentional Adulteration training requirements
  • FSMA Preventive Controls requirements regarding economically motivated adulteration
  • Increasing awareness of food defense on a global scale
  • Understanding and applying food defense principles
  • Identifying food defense vulnerabilities
  • Creating tailored food defense plans
  • Challenging preparedness and response planning

Our programming encompasses a farm-to-table view of the food system from pre-harvest primary production and post-harvest food processing through transportation to retail and food service. Our programming supports industry, government agencies (regulatory, law enforcement, emergency responders, etc.), NGOs, international partners, undergraduate and graduate students, and educators. We provide strategies for prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery from potential catastrophic public health events and disastrous economic eff­ects of attacks to our food supply.