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Product Catalog

CoreSHIELD is a suite of web-based portals and applications that provide an Information Sharing Environment (ISE) for enabling the exchange of information and effective management of knowledge. The portals support collaboration between individuals, groups and communities within Federal, State and local government, industry, academia and military entities. Fundamental to CoreSHIELD is the Common Organizational Registry Environment (CORE), which provides role-based access to self-organizing user driven communities. Central components of the CORE include content, containers and community tools available to every portal. 

Leveraging the most current, scalable, secure infrastructure, this cloud based platform and horizontally scaled service offering support over 30,000 contacts, members and guests at which includes labs and regulatory agencies in all 50 states. The secure collaboration tools enable real-time virtual engagement between users reducing travel costs, facilitating exchange, raising awareness and providing permanent retention of mission critical resources. Combined with the app store, and mission specific portal customization, this platform provides a common integration platform and secure access point for the coordination of cross-functional and collaborative exchange. 

Collaboration Tools & Services

To support users at all levels with varying collaboration needs, CoreSHIELD offers several collaboration tools. These scalable offerings, or tiers, are based on feature and user requirements. FPDI staff will work users to determine the best collaboration tool based on user needs.

Common to all tiers of collaboration tools are base services. These services are provided to enhance the collaboration and productivity of users working on the CoreSHIELD platform. Base service features include:

  • Ability to create secure custom working groups
  • Collaboration & Productivity Apps for:
    • Asset management: Documents, Links, Video Gallery, Photos, SecureSend
    • Collaboration Tools: Email and Distribution List Management, Shared Calendars, Discussion Boards, News Feeds, Group Blog, Polls
    • Communications: Meetings and Online Webinars, Scheduling and Recording, Text Alerting
  • Support and Training
    • Helpdesk, Knowledgebase Library, Online Training Videos
  • Single Sign on centrally managed CoreSHIELD authentication
  • Domain registration
  • Service based scalable infrastructure
  • Security monitoring
  • Intrusion detection and prevention
  • Continuous licensing, software and contract updates ensuring operation in the most secure, efficient and up to date environment possible.
  • Full service staff of experienced IT specialists available as resources to help solve your problems, support your customers and successfully implement your project.
  • Access to FoodSHIELD as a shared and managed collaboration resource

Tiers: Collaboration Tools

FPDI has established four scaled tiers, allowing stakeholders options to align their work with the correct level of functionality.

Bronze Tier: Secure Custom Work Group (example includes: Flu at the Zoo)

The secure custom work group is an online service, which provides a dedicated space for a group of users in need of additional meeting time and communications resources but not yet in need of a customized publicly accessible web site. Secure custom work groups are operated on the FoodSHIELD portal.

Tier Features (limited to):

Shared login and landing page, shared resources and configuration, customized color scheme and logo. Up to 50 members and/or 500 guests. Full access to FoodSHIELD apps, features and upgrades.


All base features
Up to 500 hours of meeting time and 500k text messages per year.


Silver Tier: Secure Custom Collaboration Site (examples include: PetMET, FARM Toolkit)

The secure custom collaboration site combines all the features of the bronze tier with the addition of a customized website for public presence and an increased meeting time and text messages.* 

Base service features plus:

Unique web address/URL, login and landing page
Fully customizable Content Management System
Customized color scheme and logo
Full access to FoodSHIELD apps, features and upgrades
Fixed term implementation, training, project management and design services


Up to 500 members and/or 5,000 guests
Up to 2,000 hours of meeting time and 1 million text messages per year.
20 hours Analyst/Architect/Social manager consultation
One onsite implementation or training visit
Public site customization consult
Pilot site and phased implementation plan available upon request
Custom logo, color scheme and design consultation
Training tools and custom video specific to your site and needs.
4-20 minute videos included at base rate


Gold Tier: Full Collaboration Portal (examples include: ICLN, NAHLN, FERN)

The full collaboration portal exposes all features and functions of the CoreSHIELD platform and customized public website with complete customization options for specific missions or business needs. This level includes on going annual project management, training and coordination services and the ability to contract with FPDI for additional custom development modifications. This portal and IT assets become co-owned between stakeholder and FPDI via the University of Minnesota board of regents.

Base Level functionality plus:

Complete stand alone Collaboration Portal. Unique web address/URL, login and landing page, fully customizable Content Management System, customized color scheme and logo. Dedicated application server and customizable application architecture. Customized Implementation plan, design services, and up to 10% project management.


Up to 6,000 hours of meeting time and 3 million text messages per year
System Specific Security Plan and FISMA


Platinum Tier: Enterprise Level Collaboration Portal  (example includes: FoodSHIELD)

An enterprise level collaboration portal such as FoodSHIELD offers unlimited access to CoreSHIELD features and functions and dedicated or virtual dedicated hardware and infrastructure completely separate from the existing Common Organizational Registry Environment (CORE). The commonality of the existing architecture links federal, state and local governmental regulatory agencies and laboratories united in defending the food supply through web-based tools that enhance threat prevention and response, risk management, communication and asset coordination, as well as public education. Should the opportunity or need to stand up or create a new CORE dedicated to an alternative mission arise, the Enterprise Level Collaboration Portal would be required.

Gold Level functionality plus:

Project manager at 25% time, administrative specialist/access manager and QA, dedicated GovCloud virtual infrastructure and database, onsite training and annual stakeholder meeting. Quarterly stakeholder meeting coordination and product direction involvement and up to one month custom development services.



Unlimited meeting time.
SMS Short code & up to 4.5 million text messages


Operations and Maintenance:

Once deployed or activated, each collaboration tool is assessed an annual Operations and Maintenance (O&M) fee. Through strategic cost sharing, the O&M costs are greatly reduced as each collaboration tool provides support to the CoreSHIELD platform. O&M fees cover:

Server hosting at a FEDRAMP and ITAR compliant US Government only data center with superior failover processes, uploaded file content reliability, DDOS attack prevention and monitoring
Domain name registration annual renewal.
Adobe Connect Webinar license. The webinar license allows for online meetings hosted through the individual portals.
Security and security licenses. The system has multiple layers of proactive and reactive security measures to provide critical reliability and resiliency. This includes renewal licensing of software that runs on the firewalls, as well as the penetration testing system.
Network Management. A shared network administrator is tasked to proactively address patch management issues within the servers.
Help Desk Services. Help Desk personnel will respond to request from users for password resets, and any issues not related to software functionality. Responses are through email, phone and live chat. Help Desk services will be made available from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.
Outreach and support is a constant function through the FPDI. By using our services, we are able to cross reference portals, share services, development and brand marketing. We also have a presence at many conferences and meetings so your site will be consistently represented and promoted.
CoreSHIELD Features and Functionality are constantly being expanded and re-integrated into and across all portals. As new features are developed they will be phased into the CoreSHIELD architecture and made available for use by all portal owners and stakeholders.



The University of Minnesota Board of Regents owns the CoreSHIELD platform. FPDI manages the development, operations, and maintenance of the platform. Government use of the technology developed falls under Bayh-Dole Act.


Other Services

FoodSHIELD Access with training.

Hourly development

Custom Website

Creation and hosting of basic public website, including purchase of site (DNS) name. Up to three page designs will be available from which sponsor may select. Designs will include use of sponsor-provided color schemes and logo. Public website provides a customizable web presence for agencies or organizations.