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FPDI Partnership

The Food Protection and Defense Institute Partnership provides rapid access to information, expert opinions, tools, research, and best practices to help your company comply with Food Safety and Modernization Act intentional and economically motivated adulteration regulations, assure brand protection, and enhance supply chain preparedness and resiliency. 

Partnership Benefits

Facilitates FSMA compliance through shared experience and knowledge from internationally recognized food protection and defense experts and a global consortium of researchers, governmental authorities, non-governmental organizations, and practitioners representing every component of food production and distribution from farm to fork

Affords access to a unique suite of tools, customized consultation, and training programs designed to assist organizations in developing and implementing food defense plans and programs

Provides insight on protecting an organization's supply chains, production systems, and brand integrity from disruption by economically motivated or intentional adulteration based on current and projected needs and requirements

Who Can Partner? 

The Partnership is open to food and ingredient suppliers, processors, and manufacturers; food retailers, food service and restaurants; food equipment manufacturers, and other organizations directly suppling products or services to the food industry



Benefit Categories

World Class Food Defense Experts
Food Defense is an emerging concern globally with actively growing expertise networks. FPDI maintains collaborative relationships with food defense experts, researchers, and regulatory authorities across the world and can provide connection to those experts in your technical area and geography of need.
Food Defense Resources Database
Resource databases in any field require diligence to develop, maintain, and update. Stay informed with an easy to access compilation of food defense resources in the FPDI Food Defense Resource Database.
Information Resources
Receive access to food defense news, newsletters, annual reports, food defense slides, and recorded food defense briefings.

Emerging Situation Intelligence Notifications
When threats emerge or escalate suddenly preparation is essential. Interactive conference calls led by FPDI will be arranged as warranted, typically on next or same-day basis.
One-on-One Consultations
During a food defense incident or to proactively prepare, access to FPDI’s food defense team ensures Partnership organizations have the best possible intelligence for making critical business decisions. One-on-one confidential consultation is available during a food defense incident or, preferably, to prevent incidents through expert opinion as Partners prepare food defense plans and processes for FSMA compliance.

Food Defense Certificate Course
Professional education and training is essential for FSMA compliance with the Intentional Adulteration regulation. To assist Partners in developing qualified individuals, FPDI provides a variety of training opportunities and course offerings including a 2-day food defense certificate course in conjunction with the Food Defense Conference. This course offers food industry professionals the knowledge and skills to navigate basic food defense principles, recognize vulnerabilities, and create a tailored food defense plan.
On-Site Food Defense Training
FPDI experts will provide one 1-day on-site introductory food defense training program including a food defense exercise simulation for your organization at reduced rates. Class is limited to 20 attendees and availability may be limited based on instructor availability.

Food Adulteration Incidents Registry
The Food Adulteration Incidents Registry provides searchable information about the food product, adulterant, the method of fraud, and health consequences of incidents from 1980 to present. FPDI researchers identify and categorize incidents though literature and media searches including terrorism, sabotage, and EMA in food products. 
World Factbook of Food
The World Factbook of Food is patterned after The CIA World Factbook and serves as a central reference for the food and agriculture sector. Food and country profiles within the factbook support food and agriculture activities occurring from farm to fork including high risk foods, typical production, standards, value, rankings, adulteration and contamination events, and typical product flow.
Food Defense Readiness Assessment
The Food Defense Readiness Assessment, a facility-based educational tool, addresses key food defense components of the 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and subsequent final rules. Following the assessment, users receive a Readiness Report with a facility’s readiness score and a list of suggested next steps with recommended additional informational resources for four strategic food defense areas: EMA, IA Mitigation Strategies, Management and Operation, and Industry/Government Cooperation.

Science Advisory Board Technical Committee
Executive level Partnership entitles companies to one seat on the Science Advisory Board Technical Committee. This committee receives early access to preview and influence food defense research and solutions during the development phase through discussion of Partnership concerns and provision of food defense needs for consideration by the Science Advisory Board.
Sponsored Research
Partners may propose and sponsor research, workshops, tool development, and solution customization.

Networking Event
Access to world class food defense experts is imperative to your food defense efforts. The Partnership includes invitation to an exclusive networking event held in conjunction with the FPDI Food Defense Conference.
Food Defense Conference Registrations
The Food Defense Conference is a unique event focused the current state of food defense held at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus. Experts from around the world come to learn from each other and enjoy a variety of sessions, networking opportunities, and workshops geared specifically at reducing the impact of food system attacks and catastrophic events.

Public Recognition
Partners receive acknowledgement on the FPDI website and Food Defense Conference materials.

Partnership Structure