Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals (FIDES)

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The Focused Integration of Data for Early Signals (FIDES) is a web application designed to fuse multiple streams of data to predict, monitor, and identify food system disruptions and adverse food events.

With support from both the FDA and the Department of Homeland Security, FPDI developed FIDES to perform “horizon scanning” of food system disruptions in support of food protection efforts. The FIDES web application fuses multiple streams of data from disparate sources and displays information in the form of an online dashboard where users browse, search, and layer both dynamic and reference data sets related to food system disruption events. Examples of data currently included in FIDES are import refusals, global disasters, animal health alerts, food defense incidents, historical food safety incidents, import data, price alerts, and reference data on food production worldwide.

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FIDES screenshot image

FIDES screenshot image